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Working with Marcy

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Desiree A.
Technical Systems Analyst, Pitzer College

"Marcy is a spectacular individual who radiates optimism, compassion, creativity and provides a supportive environment for anyone looking to take the next step in their career. She is knowledgeable, organized and passionate about her coaching practices. Marcy helped me gain the confidence I needed to achieve my dream of excelling in higher education by assisting me with my resume, cover letter, interview tips and providing other resources, which led me to a new position."

Dean K.
Junior Art Director, Insync Plus

"Marcy really helped me out. I was unsure of how to make my next career move seeing as it was a little bit different of a career path I hadn't explored yet. She helped me craft a resume that was professional, well thought out, and pieced together perfectly. All the while assuring me that I was a very strong candidate and I shouldn't be worried at all. She said, "Once they meet you I'm positive they'll love you". Marcy is great, very professional and patient. (I had a ton of questions.) I highly recommend her."

Abbie L.
Travel Coordinator, AEG

"I met with Marcy to discuss a wide variety of career related questions I had and the resources she provided proved to be beyond beneficial. We went over everything from career ideas, resume help, how to use LinkedIn more efficiently and interview questions. She helped me narrow down what industry I wanted to focus my job search on and recommended what direction I start in. I would recommend Marcy to anyone who is looking for the next step in their career."

Lindsay M.

Business Development, Amazon Prime Gaming

"Marcy is incredible to work with! She was able to guide me with great advice and wisdom. When I was starting out she worked with me to write my resume that highlighted my strengths and did it with concision and style. She is a valuable asset to have in any job market."

Maryann N.

Employer Engagement Coordinator
Cal State Long Beach

"Marcy was amazing to work with! I was searching for a new career for the next chapter of my life and she helped guide me and ask the difficult questions. She gave me recommendations of possible interests. When I was finally interested in applying for positions, Marcy guided me through the process and helped clean up my resume and LinkedIn profile. I didn't have the mental capacity or knowledge to do it and Marcy took it and made it amazing. She is very knowledgeable and great to work with and I continue to refer people to her."

Carly O.
Contract Compliance Representative, Waste Management

"Marcy was fabulous in helping me update my resume and cover letter. She was patient and gave competitive critiques to ensure I had the best possible version of my resume. Would definitely recommend to any recent graduate or someone looking to change their career field."

Brent Y.

HR Consultant, RGEB, Inc.
Really Grate Employee Benefits

"I highly recommend Marcy for career coaching. I was going through a transitional time and Marcy was recommended to my by multiple friends. After our meetings it was clear to me what career path I should take. Marcy really helped me figure out my strengths and helped me on my search for my new position. She is an excellent judge of skills and did a great job for me!"

Farnaz Z.
Registered Nurse, Dignity Health

"Marcy helped me with my cover letter. She is very nice and calm. She listened to me patiently during a coaching session and provided me with great tips and feedback. Most importantly, she has a very positive attitude which is why I totally recommend her."
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